Fox Dunharrow

Half-elven Innkeeper of the Laughing Ogre Inn in Southport. We met him when we were brought back to Southport by members of the local garrison after our caravan was attacked by ratmen.

Dorin SilverShield

Dwarven smith related to a former adventuring partner of Fox's, Thorin. We rescued him a fate worse than death in the Slitherin lair. He is now the blacksmith in Southport earning enough money to travel back to Burok Torn. He gave us a token that can be used to identify ourselves as friends of the Burok Torn Dwarves.


Human friend of Fox and commander of the Hornswyth Vigil.

Kelemis Durn

Human commander of the Vigilants and Leader of Vesh. He tasked us with our first mission for the Vigils, to find out more information on the Serpent Amphora.


Slitherin witch that was trading poison for slaves. She was caught during a raid on her outpost in the swamp. She escaped during the raid of Kratys Freehold.


Wizard based out of Lave. He has a past with Fox and is responsible for teleporting Telryn into Kratys Freehold. We are sure that he is keeping track of our movements and looking for an opportunity to further his own agenga.

Black Knight

This mysterious armored fiend is responsible for the hacked up bodies that we have been running accros during our travels. He is definitely taunting us.