The Laughing Ogre Inn

Our main base of operations in Southport. Having saved the innkeeper's son from the spider goblins, we get free bed and board at the Laughing Ogre.


The large town our caravan departed from.

The ratmen's camp in the swamp

We found the ratmen camped here when we followed them into the swamp after the battle at Kratys Freehold. We killed all of them except the shaman. Stone drew a map.

The ruined tower near Southport

A tower on the coast, about 18 miles/6 hours travel south of Southport. We investigated it and found that it was being used as a base of operations by a band of smugglers, led by the sorceress Delonia, working for Virilius Asuras. Under the tower are several rooms, used by the smugglers, and a passage to a hidden cave which gives access to the sea.


The small town we were taken to after our caravan was attacked. It is not far from the coast. We were hired to by the town council to do some investigations for them, as they are short on manpower.