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About Us

About Us

We met in January of 2008 on an online dating site.
Josh says, "I was attracted to Amy's profile. I liked her honesty, openness, and the fact that she seemed willing to take risks in showing who she was." Amy didn't know what to make of Josh's online profile, but she admired the honesty and confidence in his first e-mail to her, as well as how he sounded over the phone. "The calmness of his voice just set me at ease," Amy says.

It was not long before we had fallen in love. Amy says, "the best part about meeting Josh and getting to know him in those early days was that there was nothing either of us had to do to make "it" happen. There was something just so easy about it all. It was truly the beauty of the fit between us." Josh says, "I didn't know what I was looking for, but I knew I had found it when I met Amy. I immediately had a good feeling about her."

Josh and Amy soon moved-in together, and after over a year of domestic happiness, got their beloved dog, Bingo. In June of 2010, Josh and Amy proposed to each other at home, then made it official atop Corona Heights, overlooking all of San Francisco.

Amy says, "Josh is the best man I know. He always speaks from a place of dignity, self-awareness, and compassion. This is a man who takes every interaction- every moment seriously. I want to be around this integrity forever. I adore how conscientous Josh is. He inspires me to be more loving, and to be a 'grown-up.' Plus, Josh is so giving and so protective. He cares deeply about everyone he knows. And he loves all the different parts of me, which I never thought would be possible. I feel genuinely loved."

Josh says, "In the first couple months of our courtship, I felt that meeting Amy changed me and that I was growing as a person in ways that I never felt capable of so that Amy was a catalyst for a lot of personal growth. And not only was Amy a catalyst for personal growth, but she encouraged it as well. Amy's positive outlook, wisdom, and strength of character I find really attractive."

Amy says "I want to marry Josh because he is the highlight of each of my days. I love just being with him and learning about him and myself through our relationship. I also want to marry Josh because I love his family, and because he loves my family. I want to marry Josh because I love how he is with Bingo which makes me hopeful about us being able to be parents together. I also want to be with Josh forever because he is silly and the best cuddler in the world."

"I want to marry Amy because we have a wonderful life together and we make each other better people. And because everyday is more fun together. She takes me out of myself because she is extroverted and social. She is also so caring and patient. She sees me. We are better together than apart. Amy provides a richness to my life."

We are deciding to have this wedding because we want to celebrate our love and share in our good fortune. We are inviting all of our favorite people to witness this formal transition we are making because even though by the time of the wedding we will have been living together for 3 years, getting married is a huge step for us and one that we are not taking lightly. By having a wedding, we want to recognize everyone who has been there for us and has supported us, giving us the gifts and tools that have enabled us to build our wonderful bond with each other. We look forward to seeing each and every one of you at our party.