Amy & Josh


Jen & Kyle & Trey

Jul 29, 2011

Thinking of you two today and wishing we could be there to celebrate. Congratulations and love!

Janet Vogel

Jul 29, 2011

Dear Amy and Josh,

Although I can't be there to celebrate with you, please know that I am thinking of you today and wish you a lifetime of happiness.

All my best to Nancy and Mike on this very happy occasion. Amy, you are the luckiest girl to have such wonderful in-laws!


Janet Vogel

Natalia and Josh

Jul 25, 2011

We have been thinking about both of you a great deal today and look forward to sharing this joyful day with such wonderful people.

Miriam and Gavin Teller

Jun 9, 2011

Just received your invitation! Thank you so much for thinking of us and sending it to us. Even though we can't make it, it still made us feel like a part of the celebration.
Mazal Tov and all our warmest wishes to both of you on this exciting day!
Love you lots,
Miriam and Gavin.


Mar 16, 2011


I feel very fortunate to have bumped into you two early on in your relationship that fine morning back in 2008 at Ritual Cafe in the Mission.

How excellent for both of you - the care and love you share for one and other is so evident. It's inspirational!

Can't wait to help you celebrate.



Mar 5, 2011

We are so happy for the two of you!You are a perfect combination-like two parts of a whole. Your happiness & love surround,us

Kari & Dan

Feb 28, 2011

Happy happY! Your "About Us;" - wow! Much love. xx Kari & Dan

Aunt Joanie and Uncle Len

Feb 22, 2011

Josh, you became my (first) nephew on my birthday, so since that moment you and I have had a somewhat special relationship. Now, you will share an even more special relationship with Amy, and we here on the "East Coast" will welcome her as gladly as we welcomed you. Remember that being married is not the "ultimate level". Instead, it is only the beginning of the most important adventure of your life. We wish you everything beautiful that life can hold in store for you!

Kelly & Alan Ulibarri

Feb 22, 2011

We are so thrilled for you! We would LOVE to celebrate with you both!

Alberto & Brian Richardson-Varona

Feb 22, 2011

We could not be happier for you both! It is amazing when two amazing people meet each other and realize the other's amazing qualities. It is rare...and inspiring.


Feb 21, 2011

Or "bi-coastal," I mean. See other post! Ha!

Jen & Kyle

Feb 21, 2011

Love your website! Found it interesting that your first three photos were taken in the New Jersey/Philadelphia area . . . Is my California girl becoming bi-costal? Don't worry - I won't tell anyone your true feelings about New Jersey! Love you both, and we are excited to share in your special day!


Feb 21, 2011

Of course tears came to my eyes when I saw the picture of the two of you. I'm so happy for you both. Your love for each other is so evident whenever I'm around you. What a fine gift for me! I adore you both and I have no doubt that this is the continuation of a wonderful love affair.


Feb 21, 2011

Your website just plain glows! It radiates all of the comfort, joy and respect you have for each other and it is a joy to see. Savor each moment over the next five months before your wedding...and know that it's just the beginning/the glorious anticipation of a wonderful life together.


Feb 21, 2011

This website is so real just .. like the two of you! Other than crying (as usual!) my heart is so full of love and joy for you both. My precious Amy Elizabeth ... JoshHorowitz is, frankly, my dream man and makes me calm! You are an extraordinary couple, and I am honored to be your family, and I so look forward to sharing life's wacky path with the two of you.


Feb 20, 2011

I love your wedding website. It is so clear that your love is beautiful and pure - I am impressed with how much of that shines on this site!! We are so happy for both of you!!

Laurelin & Johnny

Feb 20, 2011

What a wonderful website you've put together. I was very touched by the "About Us" page, remembering my first talk with Amy after the two of you met. We're so excited to be sharing this special celebration with you. Hugs and Kisses!